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FitPlot Facts

FitPlot is the answer to all your problems of sending PDFs or images to a plotter or a printer.
Automated pagination features, together with last minute photo retouching, duplications, resizing, trimming, nesting, and many other features, make this little application an indispensable "printer companion"

See what is possible with FitPlot in the overview page.

Packing / Nesting features in FitPlot


With the nesting feature you can insert images in the available space (in a sheet of given width and variable-length [roll] or in one or more sheets of fixed size).

More about this topic on the nesting section.
Watch also the video about nesting on the
FitPlot YouTube channel FitPlot YouTube channel

PDF imposition in FitPlot.

PDF imposition

Starting from a multipage PDF, it is easy to arrange the pages on the FitPlot document canvas so that, after printing, folding and trimming, you get a brochure fully paginated.
More about this topic on the imposition section.

Watch the video about imposition on the
FitPlot YouTube channel FitPlot YouTube channel

ICD [ink coverage density]

Ink Coverage Density

Color density on a print job: FitPlot is able to show / record an index [ICD] of the ink coverage for each page, so you can count on a reliable value to get a real price of your prints.
This index represent the amount of ink used per square unit, so that

(ICD x ink cost per sq. unit + paper cost per sq. unit) x printed surface = Price

To know more about this feature, go to this page.

History of printing jobs

Log of jobs

You can see the history of all printings processed by FitPlot. FitPlot is also able to keep track of the plotter roll consumption.
Moreover, directly inside FitPlot, you can browse / filter all performed printing jobs to draw up a bill, make calculations, statistcs and even export the data to a text file (as Tab Separated Values) to be easily imorted in a spreadsheet or a commercial database.

More about this topic on the FitPlot Log section.

Resize to scale - Pantograph

Resizing to scale

You can translate a drawing scale into another easily. You can even determine the drawing scale just knowing one real dimension in the drawing.

Watch the video about resizing on the
FitPlot YouTube channel FitPlot YouTube channel or visit the rescale topic.

Posters creation

Making posters

Create posters of any size composing the pieces printed on single sheets, taking care of print margins and overlaps.
This is a result of the pagination management in FitPlot where wide areas can be divided in smaller areas [pages], also checking any overlap.

More about this topic on the pagination section.

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FitPlot 5.5 64 bit

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…a simple to use, yet powerful, Mac app which makes easier the daily work with printers and plotters

…un'applicazione semplice da usare, ma al tempo stesso potente, che rende più semplice il lavoro quotidiano con stampanti e plotters

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